Mobile Massage Services

 Mobile Massage Treatments in Your Home

In order to give you the very best massage treatment to suit your particular needs, I am pleased to offer a variety or combination of massage techniques, including Sports Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Remedial Massage and Myofascial Release. I can also offer a Facial Massage or a Relaxing Pamper Massage. I use a warm and heart-centred approach that takes full account of all your physical and emotional needs and am committed to working alongside you to get the results you need from your massage.

 I offer a mobile massage at home service and you can book a massage at home at a time to suit you. My aim is to help you feel completely relaxed in the comfort of your own home but if you prefer to receive your massage in a clinic setting then you can find me at Personal Best Studio in Stroud. I can also visit your holiday home, place or work or care home.

What can I expect from a home Massage

  • Before we meet for the first time we’ll chat through a  consultation  and discuss the outcomes you’re looking for in whatever way you feel comfortable.  We’ll talk through your priorities,  agree a plan and confirm the treatment length.
  • I’ll arrive with my massage table and everything we need. I use organic products made in Cornwall 
  • While I’m setting up I’ll check again your priorities and expectations
  • You will be able to undress in privacy or remain clothed if that suits the treatment best.
  • As I draw your treatment to an end there will be an opportunity for  you to take your time before you get up from the table.

How do you choose a massage treatment that’s right for you?

You don’t need to choose because I’ll help you with that. All you have to do is talk through with me how you’re feeling and how you want to feel after the massage treatment.

In all my treatments I use a blend of techniques adapting the Massage to suit you including Traditional Swedish Massage Techniques,   Myofascial Release (MFR), Trigger Point therapy, and Soft Tissue Release (STR).

More information on these three techniques can be found on separate pages within the website

Once the approach has been agreed between us then at the start of your first treatment I advise that there shouldn’t be any intense discomfort while I’m treating you. If I’m causing discomfort the experience I have should pick this up by your body’s response and if I don’t then I ask you to let me know. I can then change the pressure or the approach.

What is a Sports Massage or a Remedial Massage?  

That is a very good question.

Sports Massage and Remedial Massage are popular requests but what do they really mean?

I would best describe these as massages when something needs fixing.

You may be in pain and discomfort from an accident, spending too long at your desk, gardening, lots of sport, the list is endless.

You may also need hands-on therapy because you’re feeling isolated, lonely, anxious or depressed.

Spending the appropriate time during the consultation process is the key to assessing you and your history and agreeing the priorities for the massage treatment and for you. It’s very much the basis for our therapeutic relationship

What are the Benefits of Sports Massage?

The techniques are aimed at effectively treating tight, stiff, uncomfortable tissue wherever you feel the aches and pains in your body reducing tension in the tissue and improving movement throughout the body.

What is a Pamper Massage or a Relaxing Massage?

Still with a blend of similar techniques the pace is slowed with long rhythmical strokes melding seamlessly.

What are the Benefits of Pamper Massage?

The approach to this massage is aiming to steady the breathing and the mind, relieving tension in the tissue and leave a general sense of calm



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Massage: Why have a massage?


the benefits of massage:

  • Soft tissue is warmed and relaxed
  • Breathing slows
  • Circulation improves
  • The immune system receives a boost
  • Waste products that have built up in tense and tight muscles begin to break down and leave the body

conditions that benefit from massage:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
  • Poor Posture
  • Stiffness & Muscle Tension
  • Aches & Pains in Muscles & Joints
  • Soft tissue discomfort
  • ​​And many soft tissue conditions