Scar tissue release

Scar Tissue can be a result of Injury or Operation. It isn’t just on the skin’s surface it can lay deep down within the body. Sometimes after an operation the Scar tissue can often be more troublesome than the original problem.

Scar Tissue Massage can make quite an impact and relieve the soft tissue restrictions which may be causing real discomfort. It’s not invasive at all and may really help. Everyone’s scar is different and there’s no one technique suits all. Generally it’s not painful but the work can be slow and patience is needed by the client and me.

Basically it’s all about trying to restore the tissue back to health.

As well as attending UK based training I’ve also been to America twice.


Scar Tissue Massage has impact and is vital in its role to reduce restriction and restore basic movement and function.

My work aims to reduce the development of these restrictions by realigning tissue; as a result of my desire to understand further, I have twice visited The States to work with an internationally renowned scar tissue specialist and teacher.

Many people who have suffered an injury or had an operation have laid down Scar tissue within their bodies. This Scar tissue can often be more troublesome than the original problem.

Restrictions created by the scar block the supply of oxygen and nutrients, impede the removal of waste and lymph, and irritate nerve tissue. The skills I use in restoring the tissue back to health use a multi-disciplinary approach combining the therapeutic and rehabilitation techniques of Myofascial Release (MFR), Stretch and Strengthening instruction, and a specific scar tissue protocol. Everyone is different so there’s no one technique fits all approach.

The aim is that by working directly on healed scars the tissue is softened and freed and as the tissue realigns pain and discomfort are relieved and the body’s ability to function and perform efficiently is restored.

Release can be felt in old scarring which may date back several years and been long forgotten or in new scar tissue from a recent injury or operation.

The physiological impact of scars of any size and severity can have an impact initially in the local area but overtime can spread; and scar tissue will seek out scar tissue.

The connective tissue throughout the body communicates via an elaborate web of collagen, nerve endings, muscles fibres, internal organs; in fact everything within the body is connected and communicating.

When the stability of this fine network is compromised then the communication system is also compromised; effecting our movement, posture, and comfort.

As importantly the events at the time of the injury or operation may have been traumatic and stressful. Reminders of these emotions may be held in the communicating network of tissue and released during the work. The work is done with care and respect.

The Benefits of Scar Tissue Release are:

  • Improvement to flexibility and joint movement
  • Release of restriction in movement
  • Increased awareness of posture
  • Prevention of adhesions after injury or operation and improves physical performance
  • Reduction in the appearance of scars
  • Reduction in muscle spasm
  • Improves the flow of oxygen and nutrients through the body and stimulate lymph circulation

Operations such as:

  • ​Abdominoplasty
  • ​Hysterectomy
  • ​Mastectomy
  • Pins & plates
  • ​C–sections
  • ​​Hernia repairs
  • Orthodontic work
  • ​Spinal fusion