Breathing-Out with Bev

Massage: Why have a massage?

Massage Treatments in the Cotswolds, Cirencester, Tetbury and surrounding villages  You’re experiencing chronic pain. It’s been going on incessantly for weeks, even months or years. You’ve put on a brave face and battled through. Finally you’ve had enough you need and want some relief from it all. Possibly the GP has said “I’ll prescribe you […]

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My Breathing-Out Blog

Sharing my thoughts through a Blog?  Hi and a big welcome to my first Blog. Do I know what I’m doing? No not really. Yes, certainly,  I’ve created the blog because I do want to promote my business and  I shall share,  in my posts, my work and achievements as a Massage  Therapist. However,  I […]

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Simple & Effective Breathing Exercise

A simple and effective exercise for better breathing and to reduce feelings of anxiety To help you with the understanding of the techniques in the video. Re-education of breathing patters requires time and patience as the old habits change and the new ones become comfortable: Daily for 5-10 minutes. Better breathing depends on how well […]

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