Massage: Why have a massage?

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You’re experiencing chronic pain. It’s been going on incessantly for weeks, even months or years. You’ve put on a brave face and battled through. Finally you’ve had enough you need and want some relief from it all.

Possibly the GP has said “I’ll prescribe you some painkillers” “it’s arthritis” “it’s your weight”

There are alternatives to visiting the GP and Massage is one of them.

Take a Breath and read on.

Massage really can help in many cases. The pain may reduce or disappear completely.

You may just need one treatment or it may take a series of treatments. During that process the cause of the pain may well come to light and you’ll realise why that chronic pain existed and raising your awareness will also help you to help yourself.

The cause could be

  • Following Injury
  • Post-operation,
  • Repetitive movements in your daily life or work
  • Poor posture
  • Life stressors creating area of discomfort wherever you hold your stress
  • A Trauma experienced recently or buried in the past

You don’t have to be nervous about what to say or what to expect. I’ll talk you through it.

The massage, therefore, is adapted to what you as the individual needs. That’s decided during consultation and agreed before the actual treatment starts. There are a range of techniques to help and a combination of them will probably be used during the treatments



Breathing-Out with Bev

The content below is very general and my intention is to follow in future posts with more in depth information.

What are the benefits of massage?

Here are some of the very many benefits:

Your Soft tissue is warmed and relaxed the aches start to ease and tension begins to leave the body

Breathing slows giving you the opportunity to “let go”, feel calmer and more still

Circulation improves helping you to feel lighter, fresher, more alive

The immune system receives a boost and waste products that have built up in tense and tight muscles begin to break down and leave the body


What conditions can massage help?

As the list is endless here are just some:

Stress and Anxiety

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) where an action we do at work, home or in sport has recurred so often that damage has occurred within the soft tissue.

Poor Posture when the muscles have adapted to our regular stance. Your muscles become tired and weak.

Stiffness & Muscle Tension for example frozen shoulder

Aches & Pains in Muscles & Joints for example knee and hip niggles


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