Facial, Head & Neck Massage

Facial Massage

Facial Treatments including the Head, Chest and Neck


An important add on to my home massage treatments is a full Facial Massage which may also include massage of the head and neck. There is the option for a beauty facial treatment too.

A facial massage blends well with a relaxing massage or the other home massage treatments I offer.

Lying comfortably on the massage couch you can be transported to a level of calm and tranquillity which will stay with you beyond the time of the treatment.  I shall check in with you to ensure that you feel warm and your body feels restful.

Lower lighting and with music playing in the background, or silence if you prefer, allow my hands  to massage the muscles of your face, neck and head easing out the tissue and  react to areas of tension I feel beneath my hands.

You can stay clothed if you feel more comfortable

I use organic products created with love in Cornwall.

What techniques are used in a Facial massage?

There’s a slower pace to my hands as I work through the tissue that I can feel in my hands. It will feel like a continuous flow of movement through all areas. When I feel specific areas of tension then I stop and work with these aiming to release that tension.

What are the health benefits of a Facial Massage?  

The work on the neck can be soothing and finishing gently cradling the head in my hands can offer reassurance and a sense of grounding.

The work itself offers all the benefits of a massage including the tissue is warmed and relaxed, the circulation within the tissue is stimulated allowing fresh blood to flow into the areas.

Use of the organic products leaves a glow on the skin.


What issues can be identified during Facial Massage

Areas of tension and stress can be identified. I may find scarring that can be worked on and I may identify Temporal Mandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ/TMD) (Link).

There may be trigger points in the neck area that could be causing headaches, or referring pain into the mouth, ears and eyes.